Helen Baskerville-Dukes

"After deciding she needed to form her own agency, the name Inspired By Grace (IBG) Productions was born."


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The Creative Force Behind Our Productions...


Helen Baskerville-Dukes has been writing and producing plays for more than a decade. Her storylines present dramas that are true-to-life and address a variety of topics relevant for today. She combines music, drama, and comedy together with strong Christian principles to create one-of-a-kind theatrical productions that people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.


Helen was inspired to write her first screenplay "April Showers" in 1998. After completing "April Showers", she found it hard to solicit her screenplay because she didn't have an Agent or Agency that would submit her work to any reputable movie producer or corporation. After deciding she needed to form her own agency the name Inspired By Grace (IBG) productions was born.


Three years after "April Showers" Helen was asked to write a stage play for her church's Black History Month called "The Life of Sojourner Truth." Helen began to research theatre writing and production which prepared her for her second stage play but first Main stage play "Coming Together" which was performed in 2005 at the Boston Pilot School in Dorchester, MA. Helen has worked with Heywood Fennell, Artistic Director of the Oscar Micheaux Family Theatre Company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and gained a vast amount of experience through her Church's Performing Art's Ministry.


Without a home for IBG, Helen continued to write and produce another IBG main stage play in 2007, "Love & Lies" using a local theatre.  Still without a great following or a home she said, "Drawing patrons out was more difficult than anticipated."


In May 2012, Helen was back at it again but decided to stay local in Providence, RI to build her base as she rolled out another play "LADIES NIGHT," she believed that people would show up and show up they did, through the power and Spirit of God!  The 3-performance weekend run had strong attendance on the Friday night and Saturday matinee shows, and sold-out the Saturday night performance. The audience reviews and responses were so positive that IBG responded by scheduling a second run of the play in July 2012, which also received positive reviews and sold out as well. After two seasons of plays Helen produced her first movie, “Ladies Night,” based off her successful Theatrical series, Ladies Night I, II, & III.


Since 2005, Helen has produced 15 plays; Coming Together, Love & Lies, Ladies Night I, Ladies Night II, Ladies Night III, Family Secrets, Practice What You Preach, The Last Time, The Flava of Christmas, The Hold Up, The Engagement, The Life of Sojourner, Men Hurt Too, 3 Days of Torment, The Last Thanksgiving. She’s also premiered her first movie in 2014, which was adapted from The Ladies Night theatrical series. Helen is currently hosting her very own monthly talk show, The Living Room Conversations, which is broadcasted directly from IBG Studio the home of IBG.